Galaxy Note 8 Manual

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual Guide and Instructions. Include tips, tricks and latest news update

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual Guide and Instructions

In case you are a new user of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or someone who has always used it, you may always find it necessary to look for a user guide for Samsung Note 8. Here, we provide you all sorts of information about the Galaxy Note 8 that you have. This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 manual becomes especially to guide you the functions of your smartphone. Include a setup guide, expansion, tips, experiences and troubleshooting information.

Finally, Samsung has unveiled the new Galaxy Note 8 on 23 August 2017 at an event in New York City. Samsung has made the Galaxy Note 8 a premium device ticking all the boxes with the familiar Galaxy design and including the curved Infinity Display. Samsung has also made the Note 8 the first of their phones to include a dual camera which includes Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).

galaxy note 8 unveiled


The good news Samsung Galaxy Note8 will come with a 6.3″ infinity display. The feature is fascinating because you can get the great experience to write edge to edge.
Of course, many people have been waiting for the mobile phone with a stylus packing flagship after the Note7’s fiasco. This Note 8 will come on September 15. The existence of Note 8 as changing of the type last year that cost billions of dollars.

Samsung Note 8 has the “infinity display” so the look of the phone being very fantastic. Then, it is also completed by the S-pen stylus, so you remain to use it although the screen of the phone is off.
For that, when you are taking an airplane, you can use it for taking notes of making a shopping list. The sound is very exciting, right? We all know that people feel annoyed when at the airport there is the rule to turning off the mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes a high-quality mobile phone because it has the great features. One of them is this phone can run two apps simultaneously. You also can copy in two at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen

The new feature from Galaxy note8 that can be used with the screen off, of course, will be a good solution for many people to make a note quickly and practically. All the great features from Note 8 becomes a hoping from Samsung Manufacturer to recover the reputation.

galaxy note 8 screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a Super AMOLED with QHD + resolution. It supports the HDR Premium Mobile. Through this mobile phone, you can send the live messages. There are the animated GIFs you can use for texting someone. Then, it is very recommended phone because IP68 waterproof. You don’t need to be worried if it watered.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera

You must know that Note 8 is the first smartphone with the dual camera lens. For that, this phone can have the depth effects and zoom further. One the best feature from Galaxy Note8 has the dual camera. It has two 12 MP features. Then, behind the camera, there is a f/1.7. Another one is a f/2.4 telephoto lens. Those lenses are stabilized.

samsung galaxy note 8 camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with the best dual camera feature. It gives you the perfect image result. If you want to get this phone, check the price at some online stores. Having this phone will make you get the amazing experience to have the great picture with the dual camera. Make sure your budget is enough for buying Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

Samsung has officially announced that the official release will be 23 August, in New York City. The invitation for the press has been sent out. There will also be a pre-order program. For the other markets, the product is expected to land in September and October. This smartphone has been approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission in the U.S. The leaked information said that it would support both GSM and CDMA for full compatibility with U.S carriers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price

The price of this phablet is $930 in the U.S. This Note 8 is known to be more expensive than the previous products. It most expensive product of Samsung so far. But the price tag that will be marketed in Europe is different. It is to retail for €999. Of course, it will be higher than in the U.S markets, in the UK is £869 and AU$1,500 in the Australian market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual and User Guide PDF

This Galaxy Note 8 user guide includes full instructions for how to use your device. If you’re looking for a instructions manual for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this is it.


galaxy note 8 manualDownload Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual in PDF

Country/Carriers Model Number Language Download
Global SM-N950F English Download
Australia SM-N950F English Download
Bulgaria SM-N950F Bulgarian Download
China SM-N9500 Traditional Chinese Download
Croatia SM-N950F Croatian Download
Canada SM-N950W English Download
Czech Republic SM-N950F Český Jazyk Download
Denmark SM-N950F Dansk Download
Dutch SM-N950F Nederlands Download
Estonia SM-N950F Eesti Download
Finland SM-N950F Suomi Download
France SM-N950F Français Download
Germany SM-N950F/FD Deutsch Download
Greece SM-N950F Greek (Ελληνικά) Download
Hongkong SM-N950F Simplified Chinese
Hongkong SM-N950F English
Hungary SM-N950F Magyar Download
India SM-N950F Hindi Download
Indonesia SM-N950F Bahasa Indonesia Download
Italy SM-N950F Italiano Download
Latvia SM-N950F Latviešu Download
Latin America SM-N950F/FD English Download
Latin America SM-N950F/FD Español Download
Lithuania SM-N950F Lietuvių Download
Macedonia SM-N950F Mакедонски Download
Middle East SM-N950F/FD Arabic Download
Middle East SM-N950F/FD Farsi Download
New  Zealand SM-N950F English Download
Norwegia SM-N950F Norsk Download
Pakistan SM-N950F Urdu Download
Poland SM-N950F Język polski Download
Portugal SM-N950F Português Download
Romania SM-N950F Română Download
Russia SM-N950F Русский Download
Serbia SM-N950F Русиньский Язык, Русиньска Бесїда Download
Singapore SM-N950F Simplified Chinese Download
Singapore SM-N950F English Download
Slovakia SM-N950F Slovak Download
Slovenia SM-N950F Slovene Download
South East Asia SM-N950F Simplified Chinese Download
South East Asia SM-N950F English Download
Spain SM-N950F Español Download
Sweden SM-N950F Svenska Download
Taiwan SM-N950F/FD Traditional Chinese Download
Thailand SM-N950F/FD Thai Download
Turkey SM-N950F Turkish Download
United Kingdom
SM-N950F/FD English Download
SM-N950U English Download
US – Verizon SM-N950U English Download
US – T-Mobile SM-N950U English Download
US – BOOST SM-N950U English Download
US – C Spire Wireless SM-N950U English Download
US – Metro PCS
SM-N950U English Download
US – Sprint SM-N950U English Download
US – US Cellular SM-N950U English Download
US – TracFone
SM-N950U English Download
US – Virgin Mobile SM-N950U English Download
Vietnam SM-N950F Tiếng Việt Nam Download


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