Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual Guide and Instructions. Include tips, tricks and latest news update

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price in US

Here, everything you need to know more about the official Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It’s finally come. It is great news from the launch of the newest product from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will release on September 15, 2017, in the United States. It is known that the quality of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is much better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before. To replace the low quality of the Galaxy Note 7 in the last year, so the Galaxy Note 8 is launched. How about price? here we show you details of the Galaxy Note 8 price.

galaxy note 8 price

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is hopefully can make the customers satisfied and get their interest back. The name of the newest product has not changed. Samsung always uses the name of Galaxy Note again and again. Besides, it is the greatest one Samsung has ever made.

Then, if you are planning to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the information below may help you know about the details of it.

Details of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price in US

How much does it cost? There are many Samsung website that has started open the Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders. You can get a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a dual-SIM variant. You can pick it up with a cost $930 SIM-free. It is currently for US customers only.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs

The reviews below are the specification of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that you need to know.

  • The design colors of Samsung Galaxy 8 are amazing. It offers four colors for the newest product of Galaxy Note 8. There are Midnight Black, Deep sea Blue, Orchid Grey and Maple Gold.
  • It has 6.3 inches AMOLED screen with 2.960 x 1.440-pixel resolution.
  • The dimension which is offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm, and the w eight is195 g.
  • The display of Galaxy Note 8
    • Display of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 uses a near bezel-less, full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen.
    • While the resolution is Full HD+ and Quad HD.
  • Its screen measured diagonally as a full rectangle.
  • The Memory that its has is 6GB RAM and the capacities are 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB
  • A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 provides dual cameras which are 12MP and 8MP.
  • The Battery that is used by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 3.330mAh.

Now, you do not need to think twice to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, don’t you?

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 Price and Release Date Confirmed

Do you know T-Mobile? It is a list of US carriers which also charges for the Galaxy Note 8. So, with the presence of this carrier, it can be good news for you who need to know the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 price and release date. As a reminder, Verizon also confirmed a special offer for this phablet.

t-mobile galaxy note 8

Talking about this amazing phone, the Galaxy Note 8 coming is now actually waited for by the Samsung lovers. Moreover, this smartphone is officially announced yesterday August 23. So, it must be fantastic news for you who want to get that phone.

Some Information About the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8

  • Galaxy Note 8 Pre-order

T-Mobile has confirmed that all of the customers can place a pre-order for this phone starting tomorrow. There are many kinds of benefits you will get by placing pre-order to buy the phone. So, don’t miss the opportunity to get the phone.

  • ┬áPlace

It is confirmed by T-Mobile that every customer of the Galaxy Note 8 can go to Orchid Grey and Midnight Black to find this phone. It can be so because those places are going to sell this phone.

  • Galaxy Note 8 Price

To know the price of the Galaxy Note 8 is essential for the customers. By knowing the price, they can prepare the budget to buy it. Thus, they will be able to bring how much money to purchase the phone. In this case, T-Mobile has confirmed that the full retail price of this phone is $930. So, take your money as much as needed to bring the Galaxy Note 8 home.

  • Gift

Besides pre-order, place and price, T-Mobile has also confirmed that customers will get a gift for certain reasons. The attractive offer for the gift is the pre-order customer will receive a gift if they put money down on the phone now.

The gift which is provided is a Gear 360 camera. It is very precious for the customers because they can get it free just by purchasing the Galaxy Note 8. The camera itself is a $229 value. So, it will be a pleasurable gift for every customer gets it.

Also, when the price of the Galaxy Note 8 is determined based on T-Mobile, the customers will prepare the money to get it. Besides, they must want to know when the release of the phone comes. In this matter, it is confirmed that the release date is on September 15 and T-Mobile itself will provide it in its store. So, get it as soon as possible on the release date before the stocks are over.

For more information about this deals, please go to the T-Mobile Official Page.

Some Exciting Features Galaxy Note 8 You Should Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a kind of mobile phone with many up-to-date features. With this condition, the users will get so many benefits and will not be left behind the technology related to a mobile phone, especially Samsung. There is good news for you about this kind of a large mobile phone because it will come with extra features. It is interesting, isn’t it? So, here the exciting features Galaxy Note 8 for you.

features galaxy note 8

The Exciting Features Galaxy Note 8

With this phone, you can do so many fun activities because this mobile phone is completed with exciting features you can operate. Some exciting features of Galaxy Note 8:

  • Dual-SIM variant(SM-N950F/DS

By using the Galaxy Note 8, you can use two of your lovely SIM cards in one mobile phone. It will certainly assist you to explore and operate your cards at the same time when you put them in this mobile phone. Thus, you can be easier to keep an eye everything exists in your SIM cards.

  • Hybrid Slot

With a hybrid slot, it will be possible for you to choose between putting a microSD card or an extra SIM. In this case, it depends on your preference to fulfill your need. When you need an additional storage to save many files, it will be better for you to add a microSD in it. On the other hand, when you need to operate another SIM besides the primary SIM of yours, you are suggested to add SIM instead. So, just make it right to accomplish your need.

  • Larger Internal Storage

There is a particular benefit of using the Galaxy Note 8 about the storage. It can be so because you will have a chance to get as much as 256 GB of internal storage in some regions. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Also, you need to know that this kind of mobile phone of Samsung can give many guarantees of enjoyment usages for a long time. It can be so because it is designed with the purposes one of them is to fulfill the need of durability.

Furthermore, it is also completed with dust and water resistance. The two of them are the most crucial matters that can break the phone while getting into them. So, make sure to get this phone to experience using a durable and up-to-date device.

Details of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features and Functions Infographic

Build upon the success of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been officially and successfully unveiled this month. This new Note 8 flagship will have a different feature with the 2017 Samsung’s flagships. Some features and advanced technology will be available on the new Galaxy Note 8.

galaxy note 8 features

Talking about the feature, Samsung has officially posted an infographic which details of the Galaxy Note 8 features and functions. The device has a large Infinity Display that bezel less. There is a support to enhance the S Pen and some features. Some of the features are including Live Message. Some improvement also has been made such as the Screen off memo functionality.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features and Functions

Through the image that posted by Samsung, we can now many things about the product, including the feature and the function. Some will be explained below.

Samsung has 12 Megapixel cameras, back, and front cameras. They can work together to provide the amazing experience of awesome photography. Galaxy Note 8 is also known as the as the first smart phone that will offer the Optical Image Stabilization. This new feature will be available for both rear cameras. Through this camera, you will also be able to take wide angle pictures with F1.7.

The internal storage that offers by Note 8 is great. With 6GB RAM, it offers three storage options. They are 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. You can choose the internal storage once you can buy it.

There is Sensor feature that can censor many things. Some of the functions are as an accelerometer, fingerprint scan, barometer, geomagnetic, gyro, heart rate, pressure and iris scan.

The S Pen itself has the special functions. It has the pressure sensor, and able to do some function such as translating, writing a memo, Live Message and coloring. The writing memo here means writing screen off the memo.

There are six ways of authentication of Galaxy Note 8. They are authentication through a password, PIN, pattern, iris scan, fingerprint scan and face recognition. These features will be useful to keep your phone on your privacy.

They are also offering some services including Samsung Dex, Bixby, Samsung Pay, Samsung Connect and Samsung Health. These features will help you much.

Especially for the battery, you will be impressed by the details. The battery capacity is 3,300 mAh. The great thing is that it offers wireless charging compatible with WPC and PMA and fast charging that compatible with QC 2.0

With some of the great features and special functions, it is worth to wait until next month to purchase Galaxy Note 8.

For more details about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features and Functions, go to Samsung Details Page.

Verizon Galaxy Note 8 Partnership to Offer 50 Percent Off

Starting 24 August 2017, Samsung will carry partners that will have a special offer. These partners will start to take pre-order at that date too. One of the largest U.S called Verizon has confirmed that it will make a trade with the Galaxy Note 8. As a result, the customers can take advantage of Note 8 deal which will get them up to 50 percent off. If the trade-in that spoken by Verizon is real, then every Verizon user will take an advantage soon. So for those who are Verizon users, prepare yourself. Below is the Verizon Galaxy Note 8 Partnership offers.

verizon galaxy note 8

Details of the Verizon Galaxy Note 8 Partnership

Verizon customers are planned to be able to order Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 24. But the order program has limited rules. The first rule is that the color choices are only two, they are Midnight Black and Orchid gray colors. The second rule is about the buying plan. For those who are buying through device payment plan, the carrier will charge about $40 every month for 24 months. For those who want to purchase the handset at the full retail price, the price will be $960. It is no different from the price for the cash or credit system.

The Advantages of the Partnership

Customers of Verizon will be able to get the 50 percent off the handset price and can trade in an eligible device. What about for those who use the device payment plans of 24 months? In this case, the trade-in credit will be applied over 24 months. And this will end when the balance is paid. When your line is terminated, your credit will be done too.

Not only that advantage, but Verizon is also offering other benefits for its customers. One of the advantages is that it offers a Gear S3 with $100 off with two years activation. Please keep in mind that this will only apply for those Verizon customers who are purchasing Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This benefit means that the estimated cost of the smart watch will be at $250. For those who love the smart watch, then don’t miss this opportunity. But probably the customers will need to wait until next week. Why? It is because Samsung will launch the new brand Gear smart watch next week.

Since Samsung has announced that Galaxy Note 8 will be released globally next September, it means that we will able to order next month. But for the Verizon customers that already place a pre-order, they will able to get it sooner. This is another advantage.

For more informations about this offer, see the Verizon official page.

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