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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition Will be Release in Korea

Samsung is planned to release new variant of the Galaxy Note 8 in South Korea, according to the new leaks. The good news about this is that there will be a new variant that will come to Korea. It confirms the past rumors that there will be Samsung launch programs in Korea. The product was said that it is a Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition. So what about the more leaks about this?

About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition

The leaks said that the product would be launched with 256 GB. It will be available in Korea based on a listing for the Note 8’s that. This probably will be the only smart phone that offers such high internal storage in Korea. The information about the capacity can be found in the Korean listing models for the Note 8.

galaxy note 8 emperor edition

Before this leak about Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the past leaks said that there would be release program for Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition in China and South Korea. This Emperor Edition will not be released in the markets outside Asia. But then the rumors come up again as the respond of this last leak.


Different with the last rumor, the Note 8 will be released in other countries such as Europe and America. They will also release in two versions of Note 8. The two versions will be the standard model with the storage up to 64 GB and the platinum version that offers 128 GB storage.

When will it be launched?

There is also leak that has the rumors about the time when it will be launched. It slated to be launched later this month. It also brings the information about the feature that probably will be offered by Samsung.

Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition rumored to feature a 6.3-inch Infinity Display. This will be good for those who seek for wide display. It also offers Snapdragon 835 SoC and dual camera. They offer 12 MP for dual rear cameras. What about the battery? The leak said that the battery capacity would be 3,300 mAh. That’s ideal for those who always want to use the phone.

After get informed by the leaks, you can now prepare yourself to prove the leaks. You can decide or plan to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8 if it comes this month.


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