Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual Guide and Instructions. Include tips, tricks and latest news update

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Preorder Starting August 24

The Korean sources reveal that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 preorder sales program is currently being pushed. They will carry this new product, especially in Korea. And it could be followed in other countries. Samsung has announced that and will open the preorder for the retailers and the network providers. It will follow the official unveiling. The more information about that will be provided below. It will include the period of pre-order time.

What will it look like?

The different source in Korea said that Samsung would come in the new version that we have never known before. The source mentioned that Samsung probably would arrive with a 3D Touch screen. It means that we can touch anywhere on the screen. The design of the screen will be different from any others. Although some source also claimed that Note 8 would have an advance tech, there is a limitation to use it.



So that’s the information that leaks on the internet lately. But the Samsung spokesman confirmed that Samsung is fully ready to do this, and there will be no setback regarding the sales of the phone. What does it mean? It means that the sales program including the preorder agenda will be held soon. So the possibility of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 preorder to happen is more than just 50%.

If this right, then one should prepare to see the one of the Samsung’s greatest product. It also means that you also should know the date of the preorder. So the question is when it will be pre-ordered officially? The explanation is below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Preorder Date

The date of pre-order is planned on this August. It will be starting on August 24. It’s just a few days left before the first pre-order date. In this timeframe, Samsung expects massive interests from the Smartphone lovers.

galaxy note 8 preorder

The ten days pre-order program seems shorter than the previous Galaxy S8 product. But it doesn’t matter that you aren’t able to purchase the pre-order program. Because few days after that, Samsung will launch the product officially to the public. It scheduled to be launched on September 15.


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