Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Manual Guide and Instructions. Include tips, tricks and latest news update

Unlocked Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Order live in the UK

It is such great news for all of the Samsung Galaxy lovers. It is said that people can now pre-order an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 directly from the companies in the United Kingdom. The company also offers the pre-orders for the locked single-SIM version.

The model number of SM-N950FZKDBTU is used by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for the unlocked dual-SIM. The capacities model is 64GB, and also it is available in four colors, they are Midnight Black, Deepsea Blue, Maple Gold and Orchid Grey. It can be ordered in the Samsung’s online store.

The Best Unlocked Galaxy Note 8

Based on the previous reports had suggested that the cost of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would come more than $900, in the United Kingdom. It is lower than in the United States. However, in fact, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 becomes the most expensive smartphone than the other Samsung that has ever released in the United Kingdom. The price the single-SIM and the variant of dual-SIM of Galaxy Note 8 are same.

unlocked galaxy note 8

It is perfect for all pre-orders customers that they will receive free DeX station from Samsung as a pre-order incentive. Pre-order will be opened on September 15, 2017, in the United Kingdom.
As we know, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers the best colors. People may confuse about which color that suits with their characteristics. That is why here some details of the four color of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


  • Midnight Black

The Black phone color becomes a favorite thing for many people. Just like Galaxy Note 8 which uses black color on the screen bezel to the metal surround to the back glass. The case looks glossy all around. Just a moment it’s difficult to differentiate between the high gloss metal and the glass. The black color is always a right choice. It’s sleek, simple and elegant. If you are doubt about choosing the color, may be black is the best.

  • Maple Gold

Gold is selected by Samsung for the design of the smartphone case for a few years now. It is a bit deeper color than the previous version. Galaxy Note 8 uses a super-shiny gold metal band around the case sides. If you want to buy a flashy smartphone, Maple Gold is the best option.

  • Orchid Grey

Orchid Grey is a beautiful color that is chosen by Samsung for its color. The Orchid Grey of Galaxy Note 8 and the previous Galaxy S8 looks similar, but actually, they are different. Galaxy S8 has a lighter color, while the other one is not. You may not regret to choose Orchid Grey as an option

  • Deepsea Blue

The color of Deepsea Blue in Galaxy Note 8 looks quite similar to the dark blue color offered in Galaxy Note 5. Blue is soft and bright color, isn’t it? In fact, the Deepsea Blue becomes a favorite color that is used by many smartphone companies, including Samsung. Then, if you want need a smartphone with dark and high color, the Deepsea Blue suits for you.

Then, it is time for you to order the unlocked Galaxy Note 8 with such beautiful color in the United Kingdom.


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