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Verizon Galaxy Note 8 Partnership to Offer 50 Percent Off

Starting 24 August 2017, Samsung will carry partners that will have a special offer. These partners will start to take pre-order at that date too. One of the largest U.S called Verizon has confirmed that it will make a trade with the Galaxy Note 8. As a result, the customers can take advantage of Note 8 deal which will get them up to 50 percent off. If the trade-in that spoken by Verizon is real, then every Verizon user will take an advantage soon. So for those who are Verizon users, prepare yourself. Below is the Verizon Galaxy Note 8 Partnership offers.

verizon galaxy note 8

Details of the Verizon Galaxy Note 8 Partnership

Verizon customers are planned to be able to order Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 24. But the order program has limited rules. The first rule is that the color choices are only two, they are Midnight Black and Orchid gray colors. The second rule is about the buying plan. For those who are buying through device payment plan, the carrier will charge about $40 every month for 24 months. For those who want to purchase the handset at the full retail price, the price will be $960. It is no different from the price for the cash or credit system.

The Advantages of the Partnership


Customers of Verizon will be able to get the 50 percent off the handset price and can trade in an eligible device. What about for those who use the device payment plans of 24 months? In this case, the trade-in credit will be applied over 24 months. And this will end when the balance is paid. When your line is terminated, your credit will be done too.

Not only that advantage, but Verizon is also offering other benefits for its customers. One of the advantages is that it offers a Gear S3 with $100 off with two years activation. Please keep in mind that this will only apply for those Verizon customers who are purchasing Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This benefit means that the estimated cost of the smart watch will be at $250. For those who love the smart watch, then don’t miss this opportunity. But probably the customers will need to wait until next week. Why? It is because Samsung will launch the new brand Gear smart watch next week.

Since Samsung has announced that Galaxy Note 8 will be released globally next September, it means that we will able to order next month. But for the Verizon customers that already place a pre-order, they will able to get it sooner. This is another advantage.

For more informations about this offer, see the Verizon official page.


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